Descendants of Andrew Gawn, Halftown, Co. Antrim:
Born 1777


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Agnes Davina Bell

Agnes Eileen Ramsey born 1918

Adair Ann Fowler  b 1964

Agnes (Nancy) Gawn b 1807 and husband Tom McConnell

Agnes Gawn, house at Ballywee

Agnes Victoria Cullen b 1897

Agnes Wilson (Elliot) Gawn b 1863

Agnes Gawn with sons Thomas Richard Gawn and Robert

Agnes Francis Gawn b 1888

Agnes Francis with husband David Kirkwood

Agnes Todd born 1881

 Alfred George Mayrick

Allan Gawn b 1931

Allen Girls daughters of Jane McConnell

Andrena Florence Ellen Spark 1920

Andrew Bell 1847 and Bridget Bell

Andrew Bell's family

Andrew Bell's family when young

Andrew Bell's daughters

Andrew Bell Monument

Andrew Gawn b 1857

Andrew and Kim Gawn wedding 4th December, 1999

Andrew Phillip Gawn b 1969

Andrew McConnell

Andrew McKnight born 1905

Andrew Shannon Ramsey born 1915

Andrew Warwick 1904

Angus and Ruth Gawn on holiday in N. Zealand

Ann Gibb born 1872 and husband William Bell

 Anna Elizabeth Ross born December 17, 1903

Anna Gordon b 1967

Anna Louden Brizzle b 1883

Anna Loudin Brizzle b 1916

Annie Margaret Gawn b 1912

Aubrey Gawn b 1920

Aubrey Gawn Wedding

Aubrey, May and family

Aubrey, four generations

Aubrey Gawn, 90th Birthday

Barnice House, Tardree, Kells

Benjamin Gordon b 1972

Betty Fowler b 1927

Bible of Martha Jane Gawn 1829

Billy and May Gawn with David and Daphne

Brett Douglas Gawn b 1954

Bruce Wilkie on visit to Ireland

Clyde and Bruce Wilkie

Clyde Graham Wilkie b 1917

Connell Gawn b 1905

Connell Gawn, headstone

Connell Franklin Gawn b 1942

Connell William  Gawn b 1945

Connell William Gawn wedding to Mary Dawson Chrisp

Connell William Gawn with sons Connell and Scot

David Gawn b 1832

David Gawn b 1900

David b1900 and Evelyn Gawn beside their house at Halftown

David and Eveline Gawn at their Golden Wedding celebrations

David George Connor

Diana Helen Margaret Gawn b 1939

Donald Alexander with Bob McConnell etc.

Donald Gawn b 1931

Dr. Samuel Gawn b 1859

Dr. Samuel Gawn's 2nd wife

East Taieri Church, New Zealand

Eleanor Murray 1922

Elizabeth Agnes Ramsey b 1917

Elizabeth Agnes Ramsey with others

Elizabeth Anne Bell

Elizabeth Anne Bell with others

Elizabeth (Gawn) Bell 1820

Elizabeth Connor 1902

Elizabeth Connor wedding group

Elizabeth Jane Bell born 1885 with others

Elizabeth and John Bell, Barnice

Elizabeth Margaret Fletcher Gawn, Dunsilly

Elizabeth Margaret Fletcher Gawn, Dunsilly in old age

Elizabeth M. F. Graham with grandson Bruce Wilkie

Elizabeth Mary Millar and husband

Ethel (Gawn) Clark  b 1904 and family

Ethel (Gawn) Clark with Eileen on her mother's lap

Family of Robert Vincent Gawn

Family of Russell and Jan Gawn

Family of William McConnell and Catherine Patrick

Francis McMeekin Gawn headstone

George Mayrick

Glynis Margaret Elizabeth Gawn b 1960

Glynis and Rob cutting the wedding cake

Gordon Wilson Bell b 1941, wedding

Graham Family Australia

Graham Shop

Grave of Heather Edith Cunningham Macarthur in Queenstown, New Zealand

Grave of Robert Gawn and Martha Ann McConnell N. Zealand

Harold James Geddes and others, New Zealand

Headstone to William Robert Gawn, Invercargill

Headstone to Francis McMeekin Gawn

Headstone to Harold James Geddes N. Z.

Headstone to Robert Gawn

Headstone to Thomas John Gawn 1906

Holmhead House, New Zealand

Hotham Church

House of Thomas McConnell and Nancy Gawn

Hugh Gibson and family

Hugh Gibson at Springfield

Irene Gawn McLean Elliott and family

Irene Murray wedding group

Isabella Allen

Isobel Hope McConnell b 1931

James Gawn 1844

James Gawn 1844 headstone

James Gawn and wife Elizabeth

James Gawn b 1874

James David Gawn b 1955

James David Gawn with his grandmother

James Henry Gawn b 1877, Dunsilly

James Henry Gawn in old age

James Norman Ramsey b 1927

James Ramsey b 1880

Janet Gawn

Janice Isabella (Cummings) Gawn

Jean Forrester Gawn b 1915

Jennifer (Sewell) Gawn

John B. Wilkie, wife Annie Elizabeth, with son Bruce

John Gawn 1893 with wife Maggie

John Gawn, b 1938

John Gawn 1938 with wife Ann, Peter and Baby

John Rennie Fowler  b 1918

John Simpson Ramsey b. 1921

Joseph Henry Graham b 1907

Josephine Graham b 1898

Julie Tuke Carton and husband Chris Batting

June Wendy Cullen b 1932

Katherine Joyce McConnell b 1930

Keith Campbell Gawn b 1928

Keith Campbell Gawn with family 1984

Kirkwood family 1962

Kirkwood family group 2011

Lile Watson Fowler b 1920

Lile and George Cunningham

Lile Cunningham 95th birthday

Marcia Lumsden

Margaret (Gawn) Cullen

Margaret (Gawn) Cullen, Owhiro homestead

Margaret (Gawn) Cullen, wedding dress

Margaret (Gawn) Cullen, christening gown

Margaret (Gawn) Cullen, fine china

Margaret (Gawn) Cullen, plate

Margaret (Gawn) Cullen, spoons

Margaret (Gawn) Cullen, spoon

Margaret Helen and Robert Vincent Gawn with son Aubrey

Margaret Gawn b 1891 wedding day

Margaret Gawn, teacher at Tardree School

Margaret Ramsey b 1924

Margaret Ramsey and others

Margaret Rose Bell, wedding

Marguerite Elizabeth Ramsey born 1923

Marion Rose Kent b 1947

Marjorie, Martha and Violet Thurlbeck

Mary Rea b 1910

Mary Ross b 1902

Mary Jane (Henry) Gawn

Martha Ann McConnell b 1832

Martha Jane (Bell) Connor with son David

Matthew Drummond Ramsey b 1920

May Kirkwood's 90th Birthday

May Ramsey b 1912

Memorial stone to Mabel Gawn b 1900

Michael Richard Gawn b 1959

Michael Thurlbeck and Daughters

Munson family

Murray Charles Cullen b 1946

Murray Cullen and Susanna on visit to Halftown

Noeline Charlotte McConnell b 1924

Pamela Gawn Whitton with daughter Kerry

Patricia Wilma Gawn b 1940

Patrick Ramsey b 1882

Paula Malca

Peter Gawn b 1966

Photograph of the Gawn farms

Rachel Gawn Barnett born 1869

Rachel Gawn Barnett with grandson William Robert Wilson

Robert Gawn, Deerpark, New Zealand

Robert Andrew Wilson Gawn b 1908

Robert Gawn1836 and Martha Ann

Robert Gawn Bell

Robert Gawn Bell, wedding

Robert Gawn Bell, family group 1

Robert Gawn Bell, family group 2

Robert Leo Gawn b 1922

Robert Maxwell Gawn b 1838 Dunsilly

Robert Gawn Cullen b 1893

Robert James Connor

Robert John Bell b 1937, wedding

Robert John Connor McKnight b 1930

Robert Neill McConnell b 1928

Robert Neill McConnell, wife Vivienne, and his sisters

Robert Neill McConnell, wife Vivienne and family

Robert Neill McConnell with Vivienne in their garden

Robert Neill McConnell with Annie Margaret (Nancy Gawn) Scott

The family and grandchildren of Robert Neil McConnell

Robert Vincent Gawn b 1875

Rosemary Cairns wedding

Rosemary Joy Gawn b 1955

Roy Alexander Gawn b 1955

Russell John Gawn b 1959

Russell Thomas Gawn b 1936

Russell Warren Gawn

Sadie Ramsey b 1913

Samuel Lorimer's 90th birthday

Samuel Matthew Gawn outside garage in Ballyclare

Sarah Agnes McConnell b 1827

Sarah Ann Rea b 1911

Sarah Ann Rea 90th Birthday

Sarah Ann Rea Presentation

Sarah Elizabeth (McKee) Fleming b 1893

Sarah Jane Gawn 1871 (Thurlbeck)

Sarah Margaret Ramsey b 1878

Sarah Margaret Ramsey, school group

Sarah Mary Gawn b 1858

Sarah Mary Gawn b 1858, house

Sarah (Gawn) Bowden, headstone

Shirley Ann Joyce

Sheila Jean Cullen b 1924

Sons of Thomas John Gawn and Ellen Kirk, Carnearney

St Ninian's Church, Hawea, near Wanaka

Tom Bell husband of Margaret Jane Gawn, Dunsilly

Thelma Gawn's 90th birthday

Thomas Andrew Connor

Thomas Alexander Fowler b 1934

Thomas Gawn b 1833, Headstone in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Axtell, Kearney County, Nebraska, USA.

Thomas Gawn b 1846 lived Balclutha, New Zealand

Thomas Gawn b 1846 saddlers shop

Thomas Gawn b 1874, lived Kilbarchan, Scotland

Thomas John Gawn born 1906 New Zealand

Thomas Richard and Isabella Gawn, Chester

Thomas Ross born 1921 with family circle in New Zealand

Trevor and Elizabeth Kloeden with children Rachael, Matthew and Andrew

Violet May and Martha Thurlbeck with their mother Sarah Jane Gawn

Vivienne McConnell, New Zealand on horseback

Wedding of Annie Elizabeth Graham to J. B. Wilkie, 1916

Wedding of Elizabeth Robina Gawn and John Andrew Davison in 1919

Wedding of Ethel Gawn to David Clark in 1929

Wedding of Heather Cunningham and Angus Macarthur

Wedding of James Fowler and Margaret Elsie Gawn

Wedding of John Andrew Gawn and Sarah Mawhinney Magill

Wedding of Graeme Cullen and Valda Bradsha, 15th December 1954.

Wedding of Phillipa Gaye Gawn and Christopher Wayne Ferguson

Wedding of Thomas John Gawn N.Z. 1902

William James Bell taken in Oamaru, N. Zealand

William James Bell N. Z. born 1854, Headstone

William John Bell N. Z. born 1884, Headstone

William Alan Gawn Brizzle, Headstone

William Brizzle, Headstone

William Alexander Gawn b 1913

William Gawn b 1823

William Gawn  b 1833, Dunsilly

William Kevin Gawn b 1932

William McConnell, New Zealand b 1848

William Robert McConnell, New Zealand with brothers and sisters

William John Ramsey b 1883

William Ramsey b 1858

William Robert Gawn b 1869

William Robert Gawn, Trophy 1

William Robert Gawn, Trophy 2

William Robert Gawn, Trophy 3

William Robert Gawn, Fork farmhouse

William Robert Gawn, Crosshill House, Wanaka

William Robert Gawn with horses at Crosshill, Taieri

William Robert Gawn, his uncle Samuel McConnell and neighbour William McBride

William Robert Gawn and his wife Helen Imrie and family

William Robert Gawn, Helen and family 2

William Robert Kirkwood b 1916

Wilma Janet Thompson

Yvonne Gawn