Descendants of Andrew Gawn, Halftown, Co. Antrim:
Born 1777


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The Will of William Gawn late of Halftown Ballyclaverty County Antrim Farmer who died 16 June 1895 at same place was proved at Belfast by Andrew Gawn of Halftown and Thomas McConnell of Ballywee said County Farmers the Executors.


Will of William Gawn Halftown

In the name of God Amen I William Gawn of Halftown Ballyclaverty in the County of Antrim farmer do make this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking any Will  at any time heretofore made by me. To my brother David who resides with me and who shares with me equally all my property I leave all my estate and effects of every kind which I may possess or have disposing power over at the time of my decease for and during the term of his natural life only and at his decease I leave and dispose of the same as follows to my nephew Andrew Gawn son of my late brother Thomas. I leave and devise absolutely my undivided moiety estate and interest in the farm on which I reside and held for ever which was purchased from the late Earl Cairns subject to the payment thereof to his sister Margaret Gawn so long as she remains unmarried and no longer the annual sum of two pounds and also subject to the right of his sisters Margaret and Sarah Mary to have the use so long only as they remain unmarried of the dwelling house on the said farm free of all rent. As to the remainder of my estate I leave the following legacies to be paid out of all monies in hand and owing to me. Namely: To my nephew Andrew Gawn son of my brother James Gawn I leave the sum of Fifty Pounds and to his brother James David Gawn the sum of Twenty Five Pounds and to his sister Elizabeth Mary O'Neill otherwise Gawn the sum of Twenty Five Pounds. To my nephew Thomas Bell son of John Bell the sum of Fifty Pounds  and to his sister Martha Jane Bell I also leave the sum of Fifty Pounds. To my nephew William David Gawn son of my late brother John I leave the sum of Fifty Pounds, to his sister Sarah Mary O'Neill I also leave the sum of fifty Pounds. To the three children of my late brother Thomas namely Margaret Gawn, Sarah Mary Gawn and William Samuel Gawn I leave the sum of Fifty Pounds each. To my nephew Thomas John McConnell and his sister Isabella Kirkwood otherwise McConnell children of my late sister Nancy I leave the sum of Twenty Five Pounds each. All the rest of my residue and remainder of my property estate and effects of every kind remaining at the death of my brother David I leave to my nephew Andrew son of my late brother Thomas Gawn subject however to payment of my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and I nominate constitute and appoint as the Executors of this my Will my said nephew Andrew son of Thomas and my nephew Thomas John McConnell of Ballywee farmer in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twenty fifth day of March One thousand eight hundred and ninety five.

William Gawn

Signed by the same William Gawn as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto signed our names as Witnesses.

Thomas Beggs, Solicitors, Ballyclare -------------------------------------Thomas Ramsey, Ballyclaverty.


Probate of the Will of William Gawn deceased. Granted on the 15th day of July 1895 to Andrew Gawn and Thomas John McConnell the Executors therein named.


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