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John Hill  
Effects 814 15s.  
Full Abstract:
The Will of John Hill Gawn late of 22 Main-street Larne County Antrim Gentleman who died 25 December 1885 at same place was proved at Belfast by the Reverend John Douglas Gawn of Rookervilla Whallybridge Stockport England Clerk and David M'Quillan of Mill-street Larne Merchant the Executors.


The Last Will and Testament of John Hill Gawn

 of 22 Main Street, Larne being of perfect and sound mind memory and Testamentary Capacity.....Do make and ordain this as my last Will and Testament all former Wills being hereby set aside as null and void. 1st it my wish and Desire that my wife Ellen W. Gawn should she survive me should have the full control of all my affairs free from the interference or dictation of any individual during the term and time of her natural life yet so that she shall have no power to effect any change whatsoever in any of the arrangements hereinafter expressed. 2nd I desire and will that after my just debts and liabilities arising from funeral Expenses or any other legitimate claims shall have been paid that the residue of my effects shall be disposed of as follows. Namely that my said remaining property whether consisting of Houses, Cash, Bonds, Promissory Notes, Shares in Companies, Household Furnishings or any species of such property whatsoever shall be vested in my son the Reverend John Douglas Gawn A. M. for his sole use and advantage. The paying the following Legacies and Bequeaths within three months after my Decease or that my wife above mentioned should she survive me, Namely (1) To my Grand Daughter Louisa M. Lummey wife of William H. Lummey should she be then alive or to her child or children if any the sum of Fifty pounds sterling. (2) To my three Grand Daughters Helen, Elizabeth Jane and Louisa Fullerton, Daughters of Elizabeth Jane Gawn Fullerton of Melbourne, Australia the sum of Twenty-five pounds sterling each. (3) I likewise will and desire that as soon as may be convenient for my Executors after my Decease and that of my dear wife if it has not been erected before that a plain Stone with the necessary appendages at a cost of say 15 shall be erected in the Church Yard at Larne on which will be recorded the names ages etc of my late son the Revd. James Wilson Gawn A.B. and of my late daughter Elizabeth Jane Gawn Fullerton wife of John Fullerton Melbourne Australia. My own name and that of my Dear wife etc. I hereby appoint the above named Revd. John Douglas Gawn A.M. at present of Fernilee England and Mr. David McQuillan, Merchant, Mill Street, Larne as the Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

                   John H. Gawn

Signed Sealed and delivered by the undersigned who in my presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed their names as witnesses to this my last Will and Testament. Dated the 23rd day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eighty five.---- David N. Wiles Clerk of Petty Sessions Larne----- John Baine, Baker, Larne.

Probate of the Will of John Hill Gawn deceased Granted on the 13th day of January 1886 to the Reverend John Douglas Gawn and David McQuillan the executors therein named.



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