Descendants of Andrew Gawn, Halftown, Co. Antrim:
Born 1777


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Probate of the Will of Andrew Gawn (Senior) late of Halftown County Antrim Farmer (Retired) who died 28 February 1909 granted at Belfast to Andrew Gawn and Thomas John McConnell Farmers.

In the name of God, Amen:

I Andrew Gawn of the Halftown of Ballyclaverty being of sound mind and memory Do make this my Last Will and Testament.

First I leave to my two sons William and David Gawn my farms in Halftown and Browndod together with all chattels that may be thereon at my death. Only my wife is to have the disposing of all the bedclothes and my wife is to be maintained and furnished with all things that will make her comfortable during her life or widowhood by my two sons William and David or from the property already named to them. I leave to my Daughter Margaret Gawn the sum of Forty Pounds and to my Daughter Sarah Forty Pounds. To my Daughter Mary Forty Pounds to my Daughter Martha Gean Forty Pounds. To my Daughter Elizabeth Bell Twenty Pounds. To my Daughter Agnes McConnell One Pound. To my Son John Gawn One Pound. To my Son James Seven Pounds. To my Son Thomas Twenty Six Pounds that is in his own hand. I allow my executors to lift all my outstanding money and pay all my Legatees and if there is not sufficient to make it off the property left to my two sons William and David there is none of my Legatees can call on their portion for two years after my death only my executors are at liberty to pay any of them sooner by their choice. I advise my four daughters to live with their mother and two brothers so long as it may be consistent. I appoint Thomas McConne of the townland of Ballywee and Thomas Gawn of the Halftown of Ballyclaverty to be my lawful Executors to pay all my just Debts and see this my last Will faithfully executed.

Dated this 28th January, 1853.

Signed: Andrew (his + mark) Gawn

Witnesses present -------- William Murdock; John Murdock.


Prerogative:-- In the goods of Andrew Gawn late of Ballyclaverty in the County of Antrim farmer deceased} John Murdock of Ballyclaverty in the County of Antrim, Farmer, maketh oath saith that he hath carefully viewed perused and examined the paper writing hereunto annexed purporting to be and contain the Last Will and Testament of the above named deceased said Will beginning " In the name of God Amen I Andrew Gawn" and ending "and see this my Last Will faithfully executed" And Depenente saith that previous to said deceased so executing said Will as same now appears by affixing his mark thereto said Will was read over to said deceased truly audibly and distinctly who appeared fully to understand the contents thereof and at which time said deceased was of perfectly sound mind memory and understanding. Whereupon said deceased so executed said Will as same now appears by affixing his name thereto in presence of Depenente and his co subscribing Witness who at one and the same time in presence of same deceased and of each other subscribed their names as Witnesses thereto and Depenente saith he hath no interest in the assets and effects of said deceased. -------- John Murdock ----- Sworn this 7th day of July 1853

------- Before me William Doherty Clk. Curate of Ballyscullion Grange Co. Antrim.


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