Descendants of Thomas Gawn, Dunsilly, Co. Antrim:
Born 1760 - 1770


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Will of Thomas Millar of Dunsilly

This is the last Will of me Thomas Millar of Dunsilly being at present possessed of three farms of land in above townland held by judicial tenancies under Lord O'Neill.  I leave said three farms to my three sons.  The one on which I at present reside with all my crops, livestock, and farm implements I leave to my son John Millar subject to my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and o the maintaince of my wife Ann Jane Millar or in case she should cease to reside with him then she shall receive a sum of ten pounds and a yearly annuity for her life of twelve pounds per annum and also a free house.  I also charge upon same farm and chattels a sum of sixty pounds sterling to each of my daughters Eliza Martha, Mary Ann, and Agnes such legacies not to be payable sooner than three years after the marriage of any or each of any of the above named daughters.  To my son William Millar I leave the farm on which I formerly resided subject to the payment of a sum of fifty pounds sterling to his brother Thomas Millar, and to the above mentioned son Thomas Millar I leave the farm purchased by me from the late William Fletcher free of any charge.  Should any of my sons die before the family seperate or divides  above assets then the portion of the one so dying is to be divided between all my surviving children. I nominate and appoint Samuel Russell of Crosskennan and Thomas Millar of Glenmullion executors of this my will.  In witness whereof  I have hereunto subscribed my name this Twenty seventh day of June one thousand eight hundred and ninety five.

Thomas Millar

Signed by the above Thomas Millar as and for his last Will who in his presence and that of each other and at his request subscribe our names as Witnesses hereto the day and year first herein written.

John Young --- James O'Neill Young




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