Descendants of Andrew Gawn, Halftown, Co. Antrim:
Born 1777


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Obituary Notice in the Otago Daily Times.

 Robert Gawn of Deerpark, Otago, N. Zealand.

Deceased January 20th. 1917.


In  the death of Mr Robert Gawn of Deerpark, North  Taieri, which  took place on Sunday, another link is severed between the present and the early days of  the  diggings, when  big wagon  teams were  as  familiar on the main South road as cars are to-day.

 The  late  Mr  Robert Gawn was born in Co. Antrim, Ireland, 81  years  ago, and  came  out to the colonies when 20 years of age. He made for Melbourne, Australia, where he first set up  as a waggoner, carting  stores  to  the diggings, and doing  a  little farming as a side line. On the discovery  of  gold  in  Otago, New  Zealand, he came to  Dunedin,  bringing  with  him all his horses, drays, and waggons from Victoria, Australia, together with  a  large supply of  horse  feed, and  started  carting to the Dunstan, Central Otago. His first abode was on Caversham Rise, a Dunedin  suburb, and, after  a  number of  years  there he came into Dunedin, taking over the old Moray Place Stables at the head of King Street. 

 ( This area is now a thriving business area.) A great  many waggoners put up at the stables in those  days, and it was a sight to see the waggons with  their  white tops  drawn up  in  the yard, and the  looseboxes  full of horses. At  that  time  the  late  Bob  Gawn had five or six waggons on the road.  After 11 years  of  waggoning   from  Dunedin, he  purchased  Deerpark. He  resided  at Deerpark up to the time  of  his  death, and subsequently  added  to  the  holdings  by  purchasing Crosshill and Holmhead, adjoining farms to Deerpark. As  a  breeder  of  Clydesdales  he was well  known  throughout  the  Dominion, and  he was  one  of  the  most successful exhibitors in Otago  for many  years. He laid the foundation of his  stud with  the celebrated Clydesdale, Lord Salisbury, which  he  purchased  from  the  late J. F.  Kitching, of  Moa  Flat, Central  Otago; together  with  the  imported  mare Scotch Annie and  her  two  daughters,  Nellie Ivanhoe and Maggie  Bell. No  Dunedin  or Taieri show for years  was  complete  without  the exhibition of Lord Salisbury, who was retired from the ring unbeaten champion.

 The late  Robert  Gawn married Martha Ann McConnell  who came from  his native  town  in  Co. Antrim, Ireland, and  who  predeceased him some  six  years  ago.  He leaves  three sons  Mr T. J. Gawn, Holmhead,  North  Taieri, W. R. Gawn, Crosshill, North   Taieri;  Mr James   Gawn, Murryvale, Romahapa, South Otago and two daughters, Mrs R. Cullen of East Taieri and Mrs C. Findlay of Grassyards, Duke's Road  North Taieri, to mourn their loss. Of  a  hearty  and  genial disposition  and  a  fine  personality,  he   was esteemed  by  all, and  his  death  will  be regretted by  a  large  circle  of  friends, not  only on the Taieri  and  in   Dunedin, but  by friends  scattered all over New Zealand.   





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