Descendants of Andrew Gawn, Halftown, Co. Antrim:
Born 1777


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Diary of Robert Gawn Bell born 27th May 1867

Diary of his time spent in travels to and from New Zealand, his visit back home, and his work in New Zealand .

Commencing Tuesday, 2nd April, 1895
Left Oamaru at 3 pm for Christchurch, Orari, arrived at Christchurch at 9 pm, at Littleton at 9.15 pm. Left Littleton by Penguin at 10.30 pm.

Wednesday 3rd.
Arrived at Wellington at 12.15 and was not sick. Heavy swell on, went to see D. McGimpsie, went to see Jim Johnston, went for a drive with him all over Wellington. Went to see Mrs Park at night from C. Down, good time, stopped until 11 pm, could not get a berth on board. Stopped at Pier Hotel. Will make the company pay my expenses.

Thursday 4th.
Left Wellington at 11 am. D. McGimpsey came to the wharf to see me off. He got two bottles of whiskey for 8s out of store. Jim Johnstone came down, got a letter to give to his father. Main steam pipe broke. Put back to Wellington to get repairs.

Friday 5th.
Lying at Wellington all day. Lady passenger bolted to England to get married. People took her back.

Saturday 6th.
Left at 6am, fair wind in good health. Good weather. There is a man going back who tried to cut his throat on the way out. Taking him back to give him in charge of the Police.

Saturday. (Crossing the date line)  Two Saturdays in this week, Fine weather not many sick. Later a wave washing the deck occasionally, had a good dinner, feel all right.

Sunday 7th.
Heavy sea all day. Bad headache all day, raining. Heavy seas all day, good health. Pretty cold slept all day. Terrible rough, sick was not on deck. Waves sweeping right over the boat.

Monday 8th.
Fine weather. Tucker very bad, could not be worse. Tea horrible. I have not tasted tea or coffee for three days.

Tuesday 9th.
Rough, sick all day, very cold and getting worse.

Wednesday 10th.
Miserable. I have eaten nothing for two days, can't go on deck, waves sweeping right across the boat.

Thursday 11th.
 Heavy weather, very stormy can't go on deck.

Friday 12th.
Heavy weather. Raining very hard seas sweeping the deck. Stopped in bed all day. Terribly rough. Impossible to walk on deck and very cold.

Saturday 13th.
Very stormy, could not be worse. Heavy seas all day and very cold. Much worse. Miserable.

Thursday 18th.
Rough weather, very stormy.

Friday 19th.
Terrible weather, have not been on deck all day.

Saturday 20th.
Sighted ?????? Island at 10am. Weather fine only very cold. We can see land now.

Sunday 21st.
Came round Cape Horn at 11am. Weather fine lots of porpoises round the boat.

Monday 22nd.
Fine weather. Tucker terrible, it is not fit for pigs. Very quiet. There is not many passengers on board. Service three times yesterday.

Tuesday 23rd.
Fine weather all day and very warm. I had a beastly headache all day and tucker no better.

Wednesday 24th.
Fine weather. Preparing for anchoring at Monte Video tomorrow. Head bad still.

Thursday 25th.
Arrived at Monte Video at 11 am, got on shore at 12.30. Being about 7 miles out we had a great job making the people understand us. They are Spanish Portuguese and Germans.

Friday 26th.
Left here at 9.40 pm. It was a bit miserable on board all day. We were not allowed to go on shore today, it is a pretty place. The work is mostly done by mules not by horses.

Saturday 27th.
Fine weather, the sea is calm as a mill pond. I hope it will just continue as we expect to be in Plymouth three weeks from today.

Sunday 28th.
Fine weather, sea very calm. We had church service twice today.

Monday 29th.
Rough all day. Seas sweeping the deck all day. It is impossible to walk about. The tucker is very bad, no improvement in it.

Tuesday 30th.
Beastly weather, can't go on deck. Seas coming over the forecastle. The boat is pitching frightful.

Wednesday 1st. May, 1895
Rough weather. Boat pitching a lot.

Thursday 2nd.
Fine day had a concert tonight, the weather is very warm.

Friday 3rd.
Very warm weather, close and muggy with a head wind.

Saturday 4th.
Getting warmer every day. Was sick all day, don't know what is the matter. The crew went through a fire drill today and manned the boats. They also mustered the company's uniform.

Sunday 5th.
Beastly hot am. All right today. I wish we were across the line, it would not be so hot. With hot weather and bad tucker this is horrible.

Monday 6th.
Very warm, crossed the line about 4pm. I am getting as weak as a cat, can't eat the tucker. Everything we get is steamed and the smell of it puts me off.

Tuesday 7th.
Fine day, only very warm. Time hangs heavy on my hands. Had a concert last night. I sang a couple of songs. It was a fair sort of a turn out.

Wednesday 8th.
It is a little cooler today and much pleasanter. It will be getting colder every day now.

Thursday 9th.
Fine day getting much cooler, rather a stiff head wind making poor runs. We are four days behind time now and not much chance of pulling it up now.

Friday 10th.
Head wind all day. Blowing very strong all night. Had a concert in saloon tonight. Every day seems to be getting longer.

Saturday 11th.
Heavy winds and getting much colder. There is no improvement in the tucker, it is something beastly.

Sunday 12th.
Fine day but poor time, head wind. Wrote to Dan McAlinden to be posted at Teneriffe, expect to be there tomorrow.

Monday 13th.
Arrived at Teneriffe about 10 am. Quarantined and could not go ashore. The place looks fine but is inhabited principally by Spanish. Tobacco is very cheap but we could not get any.

Tuesday 14th.
Fine day but rather cold. Took on eight passengers yesterday at Santa Cruze. They are putting on more steam to get into Plymouth on Saturday.

Wednesday 15th.
Fine day but cold. It is very monotonous. Every day seems as long as two.

Thursday 16th.
Stormy and cold. The sea is coming over the forecastle wholesale.

Friday 17th.
Arrived in the Bay of Biscay about 12 9m. Weather cold but the sea very calm. Head wind still keeping us back.

Saturday 18th.
At Plymouth on Saturday night, stopped about one hour.

Sunday 19th.
Arrived in the docks about 9pm. Hope to be home by Tuesday.

Monday 20th.
Got our luggage. Passed through the customs at 11am. Got a ticket to go by Fleetwood but luggage did not come until 8pm so I went by Larne.

Tuesday 21st.
Got home at 8pm. Mother looks very bad and father is very thin. Mother has been very bad but she is much better.

Wednesday 22nd.
Went to Carnearney and Tardree, they will not let me do anything but drink tea.

Thursday 23rd.
Went up to see
Dave and W Georges', then aunt Mary Ann Bell came over this morning.

Friday 24th.
Went to Halftown.
Uncle William is very bad and as mean as can be. Maggie is failed a lot. We drove George's horse down.

Saturday 25th.
Got my Draft all right. Went to Ballymena on Saturday. I knew all the people that I knew before . There is not any change on any of them.

Sunday 26th.
Went to church.
Tom drove down, I got stared out of a face. There is a lot of old people dropped off.

Monday 27th.
Was up with
Nancy all day. They have got a fine place. Made a lot of improvement.

Tuesday 28th.
Went to Kells with Martha to Strachan's. Drove George's pony, he got it at Ballyclare.

Wednesday 29th.
Stopped home all day, had tea at
Johnny's at night.

Thursday 30th.
Drove Nancy to Ballymena in her own buggy.

Friday 31st.
At home. Went to a sorrie at night, it was not bad.

Saturday, June 1st.
In Ballymena with

Sunday 2nd.
To church as usual. Got hurt on Sunday night jumping on a horse..

Monday 3rd. Tuesday 4th. Wednesday 5th.
At home all day not able to go out.

Thursday 6th.
Went to Antrim with Martha and Tom's Mrs. Stopped at
Sam Gawn's. He is as big as a mountain.

Friday 7th.
Drove mother and Martha to Halftown. Uncle Willie is very bad.

Saturday 8th.
Drove Nancy to Ballymena. Johnny Bell came home from America.

Sunday 9th.
Drove to church. Brought Jim Wilson home with us.

Monday 10th.
Drove to Kells fair with Tom. He sold a calf at 4-15s.

Tuesday 11th.
At home, went to tea with Dave and Mrs.

Wednesday 12th.
At home all day.

Thursday 13th.
Went to Antrim with Tom. He sold a mare got 25 for her.

Friday 14th.
Hessie to Halftown.

Saturday 15th.
Drove Martha to Ballymena.

Sunday 16th.
At home all day on Sunday. Uncle William died at 9pm.      

Monday 17th.
Went to Mrs. Robt. Grey's funeral. Tom's Mrs. aunt died this morning, went to the wake with Tom.

Tuesday 18th.
Went to uncle William's funeral with Dad and Tom. He has left a nice bit.

Wednesday 19th.
Went to
Lizzie's aunt's funeral with Tom.

Thursday 20th.
At home all day.

Friday 21st.
Went to cattle show in Belfast with Tom and Martha. It was not much account. I saw James McGimpsie.

Saturday 22nd.
Went to Ballymena with George and Hessie.

Sunday 23rd.
Went to Craigstown with Tom to his father-in-laws. His wife has been there.

Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th.
At home all day.

Wednesday 26th.
Went to Craigbilly fair with Tom to buy a horse. Got none.

Thursday 27th.
O. G. up here. At home then went to Tardree.

Friday 28th.
At Ballymena with Tom. He bought a horse.

Saturday 29th.
To Bazaar at Bally???? . Got home at 2am Sunday.

Sunday 30th.
Went to church and then to the hill to get berries.

Monday 1st, July 1895.
Drove to Ballymena for stores for George.

Tuesday 2nd.
To Carnmoney with Hessie and Martha.

Wednesday 3rd.
Went to Halftown with father and mother.

Thursday 4th.
James McConnell's and then to Antrim, Drove new horse.

Friday 5th.
At home all day. Johnny Bell came from London, he is going to preach in Africa.

Saturday 6th.
Went to Ballymena and to Glenariff. Had a good day, got home at 2am.

Sunday 7th.
Went to
Mrs. Ramsey's with Martha, and to Parkgate.

Monday 8th.
At home amongst the hay.

Tuesday 9th.
At Ballymena at the horse jumping then to Kells with George.

Wednesday 10th.
At home. Drove Johnny Bell to Kells station.

Thursday 11th. Wet all day through. At home.
Friday 12th.

At William S. Bell's funeral. Home early and helped with the hay.
Saturday 13th. As per usual in Ballymena.

Sunday 14th.
At church.

Monday 15th.
Went to Glenwherry to a school Fete.

Tuesday 16th.
Went to Ballymena for stores for George. At Robert Wilson's at night.

Wednesday 17th.
At Ballyclare with Johhny, Dad and Tom.

Thursday 18th.
At home. Went to James Mulvenna's with father, a long way.

Friday 19th.
At Halftown with the old folks.


Sunday 21st.
At home all day, went to
Sam Todd's at night.

Monday 22nd.
Whitewashed the new barn.

Tuesday 23rd.
At home.

Wednesday 24th.
In Ballymena getting clothes tried on with dad.

Thursday 25th.
Went to Belfast with Martha and Hessie. Stopped all night and went to Exhibition.

Friday 26th.
Saw Blondin the Great Rope Walker and Flying Lady. Came home.

Saturday 27th.
In Ballymena with Crucks, got some clothes.

Sunday 28th.
Went to church.

Monday 29th.
At home.

Tuesday 30th.
At home pulling lint or flax, holed it in all.

Wednesday 31st.
Wrought amongst the hay.

Thursday, July 1st.
In hay all morning. Father drove us to Doagh to catch the train for Belfast.

Friday 2nd.
Took the 7am train for Dublin. Delivered Mr. Walsh's parcel to his uncle and took train for Cork. Stopped in Cork all night.

Saturday 3rd.
Went to Brandon Fair with Tom and W. J. Bell. Stopped in Brandon all night.

Sunday 4th.
Went to Dunmanley to the Fair. There was a big trade amongst the horses all afternoon.

Monday 5th.
Went to Ballyboy Fair. W. J. Bell bought three horses and Tom bought a colt. I came on to Dublin. They stopped.

Tuesday 6th.
Went to Newry, took a car out to Crevy Wm Strans. I found him when I came back to Newry. He is keeping a Public House. Dan's father died about 2 years ago.

Wednesday 7th.
Stopped in Belfast all day at the Fair. Tom came home with his colt in the afternoon.

Thursday 8th
Came from Belfast home by the train. Put the colt in the cart.

Friday 9th.
At home working in the hay all morning. Met Dick Mulvenna's sister and cousin at Kells. They came up and stayed all night.

Saturday 10th.
Went to Ballymena with Martha and Miss Mulvenna and cousin.

Sunday 11th.

The school children met at Connor. Tom and I drove the colt to Kells station. Met some prople that were coming out, went back in the afternoon.

Monday 12th.
Working in the hay all day.

Tuesday 13th.
Got colt new shoes. Went to Ballybracken to Hessie's father with Crucks.

Wednesday 14th.
Went to E. Wilson's funeral to Browndod with Hessie and Crucks. Doctor Gawn taking mark off baby's face.

Thursday 15th.
At tea party at Rev. Colvin's with Cruiks. Drove from it to another at Craigstown.

Friday 16th.
Went to school Fete at Tardree.

Saturday 17th.
To Ballymena.

Sunday 18th.
At home. Dr. Gawn here and Lizzie's brother and uncle. Went to Halftown in the evening.

Monday 19th.
Working in the hay, lazy wee pig.

Tuesday 20th.
Went to Ballymena with George to an auction.

Wednesday 21st.
Went to Craigbilly Fair with Tom and Johnny. At Johhny's in the evening, some friends there.

Thursday 22nd.
At home.

Friday 23rd.
Went to
Sam McConnell's and to W. D. Gawn's. Sarah E. has another baby girl. Crooks was with Gawny.

Saturday 24th.
To Ballymena with John and Sarah.

Sunday 25th.
At home. Dr. Gawn here and Sam McCord. W went with Crooks to Halftown with the new colt.

Monday 26th.
To Halftown with mother and Sarah to see Sarah Eliz and baby.

Tuesday 27th.
Turned set of shoes for colt.

Wednesday 28th.
At uncle
James Gawn's with mother and Mattie Quiney.

Thursday 29th.
At Tamnybrake with Sarah and Crooks seeing Mrs. Owens.

Friday 30th.
In Ballymena Fair. Tom sold a mare. At party at Wm. Murdock's Maxwellswalls.

Saturday 31st.
In Ballymena. Took ticket for New Zealand.

Sunday, September 1st, 1895.
At Connor. At Liminary at Mr. Barrs.

Monday 2nd.
At hay and through the Halftown folks.

Tuesday 3rd.
Auction of hay here. Brothers and sisters here tonight.

Wednesday 4th.
Left home. Johhny, Tom and George came to Belfast with me and A. Barr. Took boat for Liverpool at 8pm.

Thursday 5th.
Arrived in London at 2pm. Stopped all night at Munns.

Friday 6th.
Left Tilbury at 1pm, have not been sick yet.

Saturday 7th.
At Plymouth 11am, left at 5pm. A lot of Marines on board and Soldiers.

Sunday 8th.
Fine weather, Archy and I doing fine. Eating better than I ever done before.

Monday 9th.
Fine day, very warm and not sick, getting on very well.

Tuesday 10th.
Fine weather, in sight of land all day. Had a jolly good tea and in good heart.

Wednesday 11th.
Arrived at Gibraltar about 8am, got plenty of fruit cheap. Had a good concert last night in fact every night we have one.

Thursday 12th.
Fine concert last night, everything going fine.

Friday 13th.
Fair weather, a little swell on, a few sick. Archie and I are all right for so far.

Saturday 14th.
Getting along fine. Sae very calm. Had fire drill today. Arrived in Naples about 8am on Sunday morning. Lying in sight of Vesuvius, the Burning Mountain.

Sunday 15th.
Went ashore, had a grand day. Went through three chapels and all through the Kings Palace, had a guide. Had dinner ashore, it is a splendid town.

Monday 16th.
Left Naples at 3am. Had a bad headache and went below before starting. Came through the Straights of Messina between Sicily and Italy. Splendid scenery, weather fine.

Tuesday 17th.
Good weather, not a roll on the boat, everything going fine. Had a concert on board last night, a fellow called Mike Dunn, fighting man on board.

Wednesday 18th.
Fine had a light shower in the afternoon. Expect to get to Port Said tomorrow.

Thursday 19th.
At Port Said at 12am, went ashore, ain't a very nice place, got a lot of eggs and jam and stuff. They carry the caol on board on their back and what a row.

Friday 20th.
Left at 5pm. Came through the Suez Canal, got right through about 10am. Very barren, seen plenty of camels, getting very hot. The sweat is rolling off me in streams now.

Saturday 21st.
In the Red Sea and beastly hot, never have felt anything like it in my life, slept on deck last night. The sweat is rolling off everyone in streams am going about in my flannel and trousers.

Sunday 22nd.
Fine calm sea but terribly hot, it is like a bakers oven.

Monday 23rd.
Same as usual and as hot as ever. Nearly all hands sleep on deck without a stitch of clothes on.

Tuesday 24th.
Another of the same. A lot of the Trimmers are knocked up. One fellow was put in the straight jacket today and tied to a beam for refusing to work.

Wednesday 25th.
Fine in the morning but got rough in the afternoon. Had a few seas over the deck. It is much colder than it has been yet.

Thursday 26th.
Fine again. Hope that it will keep so. Made a good run today 350. The days are very long, expect to be at Colombo by Monday night. Very calm, slept on deck, came on to rain, got wet.

Friday 27th.
Fine day and very hot, slept on deck last night getting along very well, sea very calm. A very agreeable crowd on board. Wish I was in N. Zealand though.

Saturday 28th.
Weather fine and jogging very well. Had a concert last night. Neither Archy or I has been sick yet. It is fairly hot but much pleasanter that it was in the Red Sea.

Sunday 29th.
Splendid weather. Service in the salon this morning. In the afternoon in third class. Very slow, looks cloudy, might have a shower tonight. Had a very poor feed tonight, hope to get a better at Colombo.

Monday 30th.
Had a shower today and a little swell, boat rolling a bit. Got a tooth out this morning. At Colombo at 8pm. Coaling all done by natives, they only wear a cloth around their hips.

Tuesday 1st October 1895.
I went ashore at 6am, had a good breakfast. 5 courses for 1s 6p. Went through the town, had a ride in Gimrickshaw with a nigger pulling me. They can run like blazes. Enjoyed myself fine.

Wednesday 2nd.
Left yesterday at 1pm, weather fine. A lot of Afghans on board, cramped up for room on deck. Raining a little today, Archie and I in good health.

Thursday 3rd.
Showers getting fairly well, seas a bit rougher, the boat rolling a lot. Crossed the line this morning.

Friday 4th.
Boat rolling a lot and shipping a good many seas, not very pleasant on board and very close and stuffy below, wish we were landed.

Saturday 5th.
Same as usual rolling a lot got terribly rough in the afternoon. A few heavy seas came over, very unpleasant, making short runs. Hope to get to Albany by Saturday, a few sick on board. Archie and I are alright for so far. Just wishing we were landed.

Sunday 6th.
Heavy sea all day and very miserable. Service in the salon in the morning, none in steerage, too rough, rather much water coming over, a lot of people sick.

Monday 7th.
Heavy swell and wet on deck. Calmed down a bit in the afternoon but still not pleasant. Making short runs. Passengers all crushed up in a heap for shelter. Tied some darkies up.

Tuesday 8th.
Calmed down but the ship rolling a lot yet have fun with the niggers now and then. Making short runs, weather much colder. It is much pleasanter than when it was so hot.

Wednesday 9th.
Fine weather and going much better, made a better run today. Managed very well for tucker by giving tips all round. Have never been so well at sea.

Thursday 10th.
Fine day and getting along better. Sighted land about 5pm. Getting rather stormy, both of us in good health.

Friday 11th.
Heavy swell and rolling terrible, stopped below, seas coming right over and very disagreeable. Boxes sliding about all over the place.

Saturday 12th.
Very rough. Sprung a leak in the engine room from one of the bulges. Stopped for a while to repair, got into Albany about 7pm. Discharged cargo and a lot of passengers. Took some on board, left about 3am Sunday morning. Dreamt I saw Aunt Hanna Kelly and father.

Sunday 13th.
Fine weather and getting on well, did not write from Albany expecting to be in Adelaide Wednesday morning.

Monday 14th.
Fine day and calm. There is a lot of Diggers on board coming back from Coolgardie, some successful and some not. One man has got a lot of fine specimens of Quartz.

Tuesday 15th.
Fine all day. A lot of packing up to go off at Adelaide in the morning. Have fun now and then with the darkies.

Wednesday 16th.
Arrived in Adelaide at 6.30am laying off a lot of cargo. Left Adelaide at 1.30pm sea very calm. Alot of passengers went ashore.

Thursday 17th.
Fine morning very calm. In sight of land nearly all day expect to be in Melbourne about 6am tomorrow.

Friday 18th.
In Williamstown about 5am lying out all day, one man sick and they can't make out whether it is fever or what it is.

Saturday 19th.
We are quarrentined, they have made out that it is small pox. The ship discharge carp. Went ashore in Melbourne.

Saturday 19th.
This is terrible to think we have three weeks, but thank goodness it can't be worse than it is here.

Sunday 20th.
Sent ashore this morning at a place called Portsea, we have had a good dinner so it is not so bad.

Monday 21st.
Nice Place. They are fumigating all our clothes and afterwards our boxes and everything we have got. We get first rate tucker, we are not so badly off.

Tuesday 22nd.
They are still fumigating the place and washing the underlinnen, it is very miserable hanging about, the lumpers went away today.

Wednesday 23rd.
Same old game going on.

Thursday 24th.
Same as usual, nothing going on to pass the time.

Friday 25th.
Quiet, all in good health.

Saturday 26th.
Passengers all right.

Sunday 27th. The most of the Marines went away. Went under an operation for hurt I got at home.

Monday 28th.
 In bed all day.

Tuesday 29th.
In bed all day. Archie brings me my tucker.

Wednesday 30th.
Getting a bit better, hope to get away by the end of the week.

Thursday 31st.
Fumigating still going on, it is very miserable, very quiet feeling, a little pain.

Friday, November 1st. 1895.
Same as usual. Got word in the afternoon to go away tomorrow, feeling better now.

Saturday 2nd.
Got on shore at 8pm, left our boxes at Flinders St Station, stopped at Falstaff resturant. Had a run up town. Jack McBeen is stopping at the same place, dropped on him at breakfast.

Sunday 3rd.
Had a walk around the place this morning, went to the Zoo in the afternoon, feel tired not used to walking.

Monday 4th.
Went to the Orient office this morning, took my ticket to Union office, got fresh one for New Zealand. Went to the opera.

Tuesday 5th.
Went out to see the cup run, struck nothing. Went to the theatre to see the Broad Arrow.

 Wednesday 6th.
Knocked about town all day, went to the theatre.

Thursday 7th.
Knocked about town all day, went to the theatre at night. Man to man.

Friday 8th.
Same old game.

Saturday 9th.
Got luggage down to boat after dinner, left Melbourne at 8.30pm.

Sunday 10th.
Lay in bed all day. Jack McBeen in bed, not sick was rather rough.

Monday 11th.
A heavy sea on, not many at the tucker table. Got into Hobart about 9pm. Went ashore and had a feed.

Tuesday 12th.
Left Hobart at 4pm, had rough night, down below all the time.

Rough all day, never went on deck.

Thursday 14th.
Not so bad this morning had breakfast and dinner. Jack McBeen on deck today.

Friday 15th.
Fine morning but getting along well, but rather cold.

Saturday 16th.
Arrived in Bluff about 8am.

Sunday 17th.
 Arrived in Dunedin at 5am, stopped at Mrs. Silk's. Went to see
James Gawn, had tea with him.

Monday 18th.
Came to Duntroon Monday night.
Andy met me at the train.

Tuesday 19th.
Knocked about Duntroon on Tuesday, went over Andy's farm.

Came up to Mairewhenna, allright.

Thursday 21st.
Bank of Australia.

December 26th.

Donald Park left us to tucker himself on 12th August.

There is a gap until November 1896 when it recommences.

Wednesday November 17th.1896.
E. F. and self rode to Oamaru to the show, went up in three and a half hours.

Thursday 18th.
Went up to the show.

Friday 19th.
Dave Sincla and Rosena went for a ride. R rode the cob, SE went to the gardens.

Saturday 20th.
At sale was offered 7 for Maud.

Sunday 21st.
Came out left Maud for Edith to ride out on Tuesday. G. Rodgers offered me 14 for chestnut colt, want 16.

Monday 22nd.
Sick of Mairewhwnna, sent wire. To Haka for place.

Tuesday 23rd.
Got a place, start next Monday.

Wednesday 24th.
In claim bringing new cut up.

Thursday 25th.
Night, finished work.

Friday 26th.
 Paid McGimp for carting pipes.

Saturday 27th.
Knocked off work pm.

Sunday 28th.
Went to Haka.

Monday 29th.
Feel awkward, be all right in a day or two.

Tuesday 30th.
Off colour, very fast crowd.

Wednesday, 1st December 1897
Will be amongst them in a few days. Kennedy grafting now.

Thursday 2nd.
Can do Kennedy easy, he is at top pace.

Friday 3rd.
Kavanna is working hard, I think I can do him in a few days.

Saturday 4th.
Kavanna can do no more, have got him good.

Sunday 5th.
Wrote three letters. Liz, Don and Edith. Raining.

Monday 6th.
Have got to the front and will keep it or bust.

Tuesday 7th.
It is all right, could cut rings round them.

Wednesday 8th.
Fine, no rain. Hope it keeps so until the finish.

Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, and Saturday 11th..

Sunday 12th.
Went out to see the horses.

Monday 13th.

Tuesday 14th.
Jack Cook killed last week in claim.

Wednesday 15th.
Went to Round Hill.

Thursday 16th.
Cob A1.

Friday 17th.
Hope to get down at Christmas.

Saturday 18th.
No rain.

Sunday 19th.
Went for a walk up the Go.

Fair weather, will finish on Christmas eve if it keeps fine.

Tuesday 21st.Wednesday 22nd.

Wednesday 23rd.
Nor-Wester, hard cutting. Finish.

Thursday 24th.
Came right down 66 miles rode cob all the way. Packed the 'Doctor'

Fridayy 25th.
Picnic at Duntroon, Stopped till 2am. Slept most of Saturday.

Saturday 26th.
Went up to Ferrystown.

Sunday 27th.
At work. Dan had two gallons of whiskey.

Mondayy 28th.
At work till dinner time.

Tuesday 29th.
At work.

Wednesday 30th.
At work.

Thursday 31st.
At work till dinner time.

Friday, January 1st, 1897
Rode into Oamaru in the morning, went out to sports at Carnival at night.

Saturday 2nd.
At sports. N. Carling won heavyweight wrestling. At play at night.

Sold cob to C. Adesen for 10-5s, came home by Livingstone Sunday night.

Monday 4th.
At work. Been doing no good.

Tuesday 5th.
Will clear out next week whether I sell or not.

Wednesday 6th.
Sold share to Couper for 100.

Thursday 7th.
Up to see Campbell and went to Duntroon.

Friday 8th.
Sold 7 head of cattle to Campbell at 15. Can get nothing out of Andy.

Saturday 9th.
In Oamaru, got paid from Couper.

Sunday 10th.
 At home all. Sold Maud to
young Andy for 5.

Monday 11th.
Sold the Doctor for 7 to Campbell. At meeting of Trust Thorp, bring boxes down in the morning.

Tuesday 12th.
Left Maerewhenin , came to Oamaru, took train to Littleton. From there took boat to Wellington.

Wednesday 13th.
A bit sick. Got into Wellington at 3.00pm, stopped at city buffet.

Thursday 14th.
Could not get a berth for Monte Video under 36.

Friday 15th.
Up with Jim Johnston, had dinner with hm. Can go to South America as cheap by going home first.

Saturday 16th.
Booked for London by the Orient, left Wellington 5.30pm for Sydney. Fine night.

Sunday 17th.
Dirty day, not been sick yet.

Monday 18th.
All right, heavy sea, a lot sick.

Tuesday 19th.
Same as Yesterday.

Wednesday 20th.
Fine, calm, getting warm.

Thursday 21st.
Came to Sydney.

Friday 22nd.
 Kicking around all day.

Saturday 23rd.
Going out on Monday.

Sunday 24th.
Same as yesterday.

Monday 25th.
Sailed on the Orient from Sydney at 7pm for Hobart.

Tuesday 26th.
Fine day, good sea boat, going to tucker with the cook. Governor of N.S.W. on board.

Wednesday 27th.
Fine day, calm. Got into Hobart 2.31pm.

Thursday 28th.
Left last night, drunk but sick.

Friday 29th.
In Melbourne 12 o'clock, went up town, could not find N. Strahan.

Saturday 30th.
Loading cargo ashore all day. Lying in port Melbourne.

Sunday 31st.
Left 6am, calm. Getting first class tucker.

Monday 1st, February 1897.
Fine day, a few sick.

Tuesday 2nd.
Came to Adelaide 10am, did not go ashore.

Wednesday 3rd.
Left Adelaide 2pm, got plenty of fruit.

Thursday 4th.
Rough, most of them sick, self all right.

Friday 5th.
Fine all day, had a beastly headache, went to bed early..

Saturday 6th.
Heavy swell on, in Albany 8pm. Beastly luck, all night lay on deck.

Sunday 7th.
Very weak but getting better. Be all right tomorrow. Not many passengers came on board.

Monday 8th.
Fine, all right again. Splendid sea boat, a few passengers for Belfast.

Tuesday 9th.
Fine sea all well.

Wednesday 10th.Thursday 11th.Friday 12th. Saturday 13th.
Same as usual.

Sunday 14th.
Fun with Ginger, going W.S.H.F.

Monday 15th.
Splendid weather.

Tuesday 16th.
Never have been in so good health at sea.

Wednesday 17th.
At Colombo. On Shore all day. Very hot.

Thursday 18th
Left at 2am, fine.

Friday 19th, Saturday 20th.Sunday 21st.
Sea calm, same as usual.

Monday 22nd..
Grand sea boat. Fine Latrines. Fine tucker. Steerage passengers getting very poor tucker.

Tuesday 23rd..
A bit rough, a few sick. Wish we were in London. Voyage a bit long.

Wednesday 24th.
Engine is broken down, expect to get it started again tomorrow.

Thursday 25th.
Engines repaired, embarked at 5pm, going a bit slow.

Friday 26th.
Land quite close. Came through Hells Gates at 7am, in Red Sea. Oxytava stranded. Orient signalled her.

Saturday 27th.
Came past 12 ??????. Last night concert. Fine weather, getting along not so bad.

Sunday 28th.
Fine service in the morning and afternoon. Sea very calm.

Monday, 1st March, 1897.
Fine day and calm.

Tuesday 2nd.
Shrove Tuesday. Came to Suez this morning. Bouhjt some curios, stopped about 3 hours.

Wednesday 3rd.
Ash Wednesday in Port Said, midnight on shore until 6am, had a good night.

Thursday 4th.
Fine morning, rough in the afternoon.

Friday 5th.
Very rough night, water came into my bunk, wet everything.

Saturday 6th.
A bit rough and very cold, had toothache all day, wrote to Martha.

Sunday 7th.
In Naples about 10am, did not get ashore, got some fruit. Left about 2pm.

Monday 8th.
Fine but very cold, should get to Gibraltar on Wednesday.

Tuesday 9th. Wednesday 10th.
Fine but cold.

Thursday 11th.
At Gibraltar.

Friday 12th.
Calm in the morning but a bit rough in the afternoon.

Saturday 13th.
Heavy swell on and cold.

Sunday 14th.
Fine but cold.


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