Descendants of Andrew Gawn, Halftown, Co. Antrim:
Born 1777


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COPY OF LETTER from JANE ALLEN, born 1850, to her niece MARY RAMSEY, born 1856, later to become Mrs. James McKee.

Morag Place Dunedin

4th April, 1876

My dear Mary,

I am going to try if I can get you to write to me. I hope your Mother and Uncle yourself and all the rest are well. You must write and tell me how you are getting on.


How is your brother Patrick getting on and is he still in Belfast. He will be growing big by now. I suppose the others are at school. Did you go to school? I wish I could have a talk with you. Mention how Father and Mother are getting on. I have never got an answer to any of my letters yet. I am sure I do not know what to think of Bella never writing. I have heard from Mrs. Byers (that was Miss Pinkerton) that Andrew was married. Is Delia at home now? How is ??? Gray ? friends mention them all

Are you ever at Robert Moore's and how are they? John Smyth Ohio. I hope they are all well. Little Mary will be a big girl now.

Do you go to Ballyharvey? I would like to hear from them all, and Uncle Stevenson Ohio. I hope they are all well. You have heard a lot of Annie.

Is she well and thriving pretty well?

Marriages since I left?

You will think I am never to tell anything about myself but I have nothing to tell. James is well and is off to-day for a month. I will hear from him likely before he comes home. They have to rough it pretty hard but he likes it well enough. I would be very lonely now in the long run as only Maggie Gawn comes in with her crotching and keeps me company. She is a pretty good worker for her age. Her and I crocheted a table cloth for her mother and I knit a set of long curtains for her parlour window. She has got a sewing machine and she makes the most of their clothes. Fancy work is very much thought of here. Do you work much with your machine and is your Mother quit spinning yet? I will have to quit as Maggie has come in and she is a bit of talk. Your Uncles and Aunt McConnell and family are all well. Rachel is tall like her Mother.

Write to your dear Aunt, Mary, for I think every week a month till I get an answer.

Give my love to all enquiring friends Write soon


Maggie bids me tell you to send your likeness as she has got a large album.

Original Letter given to Judge Tom Ross of 55 Highgate, Dunedin on Thursday 29th July,1982 (as Jane Allen was his Grandmother) by J. Norman McKee the Grandson of Mary Ramsey.


Jane McConnell